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Chris Howland: Happy Days?
Kiepenheuer & Witsch, Cologne

"Howland has compiled these autobiographic stories in an easygoing and relaxed English style. Franca Fritz and Heinrich Koop have translated them equally nimbly - a joy to read for memory lane's radio romantics."

(Der Spiegel, issue 43/95)

Homer H. Hickam: Rocket Boys
dtv, Munich

"Success is probably preprogrammed and the German consumer gazes over the ocean somewhat grudgingly: an academic who can write like Homer H. Hickam would also be a great credit to us. By the way, the two translators Franca Fritz and Heinrich Koop have done top notch work: accurate and realistic - the novel really also gets going at a breathtaking pace in German without becoming lost in sentiments."

(Die Welt, 30. January 1999)

Michael Peppiatt: Francis Bacon - Anatomie eines Rätsels
DuMont, Cologne

"Brilliant and suspense-packed, written like a thriller and superbly translated, this book provides the to-date most complex approach to one of the greatest painters of the 20th century."


Khalid Boudou: Lehrjahre im Schnitzelparadies
Blessing Verlag, Munich

"Khalid Boudou, a new discovery on the German book market, was born in Temsamane, Morocco in 1974 and was raised in the Netherlands. His first novel, 'Lehrjahre im Schnitzelparadies', was not translated from Arabic, as one might expect, but Dutch. Franca Fritz, his translator, must have been enthusiastically devoted to her task as the text sparkles with wit; the flippancy of the hip-hop generation is rigidly maintained both in the dialogues and narrative passages, almost taking the reader's breath away ..."

(Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 24.06.03)

Daniel Libeskind: Breaking Ground. Entwürfe meines Lebens
Verlag Kiepenheuer & Witsch, Cologne

"Daniel Libeskind published his autobiography 'Breaking Ground' in 2004, written together with Sarah Crichton. The German translation by Franca Fritz und Heinrich Koop with the subtitle 'Entwürfe meines Lebens' was published in the same year and provides the independent tone of Libeskind's narrative in a lively manner. ..."

(Wiener Zeitung, 10.04.06)